Bitcoin and cryptocurrency fund of Brazilian QR, approved by CVM, is listed in American Warren

QR cryptocurrency fund, with 100% exposure to crypto, is listed on American Warren.

The fund with full exposure in crypto offered by QR Asset Management, the QR Blockchain Assets FIM IE, approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission, CVM, was listed on Warren, an investment platform born in the United States.

Thus, with the listing, this is the fourth platform to offer the fund, now alongside Órama, Guide and Necton.

Warren is a modern platform with a reach for both young and institutional investors.

Brazilian Crypto Fund

Thus, according to a statement sent to Cointegraph, the QR Blockchain Assets fund is an attractive diversification option that is now available on yet another platform.

QR Capital’s CEO, Fernando Carvalho, believes that the availability of QR Asset Management funds in some of the country’s main distributors is an unmistakable sign of the consolidation of this type of investment in the market.

“The distribution of QR Asset funds on consolidated platforms expands the access of new investors to this innovative asset class. Until June 2020, the number of shareholders in crypto funds in Brazil grew 20 times compared to January 2019.

Unlike what happened in 2017, when thousands of investors bought cryptocurrencies on their own, we believe that in the next upward cycles, regulated funds will be the main investment channel, providing safe and regulated access to the sector, “he said.


QR Asset Management is the manager qualified by CVM and Anbima that is part of the QR Capital group and is today the largest crypto asset manager in Brazil with a total crypto PL of approximately 60 million in just 5 months.

In March, the manager launched the QR Blockchain Assets fund, an innovation in the market for presenting 100% exposure in crypto to qualified investors.

In addition to having a team specialized in digital assets actively managing resources, the fund also innovates by investing directly abroad without the need and high cost of offshore intermediary funds.

The investment in QR Blockchain Assets can also be made through the QR Asset Management platform itself.

Source: Cointelegraph.

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